Current Web Development Work

Washingtondowling Associates

Washingtondowling Associates are specialist events organisers. They asked me to re-design their website and develop a content management system which allows them to create new event sites as required.

Washingtondowling website image 1

Event sites provide information on the conference, exhibition, sponsors and related news items:

Washingtondowling event site image 1

Exhibitors can book stands by selecting a space on the venue layout:

Washingtondowling event site image 2

Using the admin system staff can update the stand layout by dragging items to the the required position. All changes are immediately reflected in the public website:

Event site admin system image 1

The admin system allows management of all site content, from individual pages to the event conference items and speakers:

Event site admin system image 2

Event site admin system image 3

Both the Washingtondowling site and the event sites are standards-based, designed to work on as many browsers and devices as possible:

Event website on iPhone

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