Current Web Development Work

TTA Press

TTA Press are the publishers of magazines such as Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave. Their new website provides information on these plus news, competitions, free stories, discussion forums, podcasts and more:

TTA Press website image 2

TTA Press website image 3

TTA Press website image 4

The site is standards-based, designed to work on as many browsers and devices as possible:

TTA Press website on iPhone

Website Content Management System

As well as the public site I provided a private content management system. This allows TTA staff to edit the site, updating pages, adding news items, editing images and site adverts. No specialist web design knowledge is required:

TTA Press management system image 1

As well as content editing functions for each item, the TTA Press system also has a site-wide image manager:

TTA Press management system image 2

Images can be uploaded to the site and then attached to a page, or shared amongst several. Larger images can be shown as a thumbnail preview which automatically links to the full size version. The display order of images attached to each page can be updated via a simple drag and drop function.

The management system allows TTA staff to keep their site up to date. Users can be given access to specific site sections, minimising the chances of incorrect information being added.

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