Current Web Development Work

Much of my work involves private systems or is covered by non-disclosure agreements, but information on some projects is available. This introduction to the website design process may be useful, and you can also find work-in-progress images in the blog section.

Coral Products PLC

Coral Products PLC provide custom & trade technical moulding services. Their website also sells waste & recycling products direct to the public.

Coral PLC website image

visit the Coral PLC website


Strongdor manufacture steel security doors for architects, builders, renovators and more. They asked me to completely redesign their website with a new look and mobile device support.

Strongdor website image

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Chris Moore Art

Chris Moore is a commercial illustrator known for his high-tech, high-gloss art. Pick up a sci-fi or thriller and his work is likely to be on the cover.

Chris Moore Art website image

visit the Chris Moore Art website

The Forum Partnership

I created a site for Zaviour, a new company formed by The Forum Partnership to provide secure streaming video communication services.

Zaviour website image

more information about this project

Stephen Gallagher

Stephen Gallagher is a screenwriter, novelist and director whose credits include Doctor Who, Bugs, Chimera, Chiller, Murder Rooms and more. He is the creator of Eleventh Hour and was the lead writer on Crusoe. A key requirement of his new website was that it worked well on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

We also worked together on a range of eBooks for the Amazon Kindle.

Stephen Gallagher website image

visit the Stephen Gallagher website

TTA Press

TTA Press are the publishers of magazines such as Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave. Their new website provides information on these plus news, competitions, free stories, discussion forums, podcasts and more.

TTA Press website image

more information about this project

Washingtondowling Associates

Washingtondowling Associates are specialist events organisers. They asked me to re-design their website and create a full events management system.

Washingtondowling website image

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