Google Play Books guide

Google Play Books allows you to publish ebooks on the Android platform via the Google Play Store. They can also be linked to corresponding print or PDF titles.

Getting Started

To publish on Google Play you need a Books Partner Center account. Go to to get started. You can use an existing Google account or create a new one. Then choose your publisher type:

Creating new Google Books account

Books Partner Center

Once logged in you'll see the Partner Center interface. New titles can be added in the Book Catalog section, but first you'll have to set up your payment profile.

Partner Center

You might find the tax information for non-US authors useful at this point.

Add A New Book

In the Book Catalog section choose Add Book:

Add new book

First, you'll be asked if you want to sell the book on Google Play, or offer a preview only:

Selling option

Then you'll be asked to select a Book ID by supplying an existing ISBN or allowing google to generate an ID:

Book ID options

You can then provide the book information by working through the book info, content and pricing sections:

Book information

Information links