Design Process

No two projects are exactly the same, but this example will give you an idea of what's involved in creating a logo or brand identity.

Project: The Forum Partnership

The Forum Partnership specialises in providing a safe and creative rehearsal environment for business people to analyse, practise and perfect crucial business conversations, situations and key skills. A key service they offer is Zaviour CloudQast, an online application for delivering video and tracking audience usage and response. Video is available for desktop and mobile devices, allowing staff to keep up to date wherever they are.

Each client using the system is given a channel, which is customised to match their own brand identity. However, the Zaviour platform itself required a logo and after working on the website I was asked to create this.

Research & Initial Logo Ideas

In a way the Zaviour platform competes with other content delivery networks such Akamai, Amazon Web Services, BitGravity, CacheFly, EdgeCast, InterNap and more. However, it's not marketed as a technical service but as a business solution. The other CDNs tend to emphasise technical aspects of their service, such as network resilience & size, scalability and security. Zaviour is business-focussed, emphasising the fact that it helps clients deliver targetted, traceable video communication. Therefore, we tried to avoid design ideas used by other CDNs, such as speed, size of network, and played with ideas of clarity and shining light on something, metaphorically and literally. I was also asked to include a reference to the hummingbird used in The Forum Partnership logo:

Zaviour project image 1

Refining The Logo Design

After discussing the initial designs the client decided to use the hummingbird as the main logo element. We combined this with the title and strapline elements from concept 3 and looked at black & white variations:

Zaviour project image 2

Design Variations & Colour

The client was happy with the basic concept so we now considered colour, specifically purple as this is used in The Forum Partnership logo. I also mocked up Apple App Store style icons, as this will be a future development for the Zaviour platform:

Zaviour project image 3

Final Logo Version

We worked through some variations until the client was happy with the logo design. In the end they decided not use the purple, instead choosing a strong orange. This is particularly striking on the app icon:

Zaviour project image 4

Final Logo Delivery

The final logo design was delivered in the formats agreed, along with a design guide and extra files for app icon creation:

Zaviour project image 5

Zaviour Website Channel Design

I also created a new channel design for the Zaviour website to match the logo. (The image of Damian Gaskin and Lindsey Mack, Directors of Zaviour, is shown here with their permission.)

Zaviour website image 1